Are you struggling reaching your goal? Here are 12 tips on how you can ensure you reach/achieve your goals

It is so nice to be in 2019. I honestly feel like this is going to be a great year. I couldn’t post a blog post in January without talking about setting goals. We are going to reach our hair goals, our business goals, or life goals like Sandra Bullock in Bird Box we will get there. I love that movie, if you need motivation watch Bird Box.

Did you struggle reaching your goals last year? Here are tips on how you can ensure you reach/achieve your goals in 2019.

  1. Have an accountability friend or even a community. Have a friend, a partner, join a mastermind group, a community, who will make sure you reach your goals. I love joining groups because seeing other people doing something makes me believe I can do it too.
  2. Have a 2019 Goal Planner. Somewhere where you can write down what is it you want to accomplish and when. The one thing that makes a difference in setting goals is putting dates. I find whenever I say I want to accomplish something I put a by this date. Usually I will put a date that If I need something done in 2 months I will put my by this date 1 month earlier. It puts pressure on me to work harder and also gives me room the next month to breathe and enjoy the last steps towards my goal.
  3. Read books and listen to podcasts that are motivating. I listen to Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Gary Vanychurck. I spend a lot of time at the library, going to parks, or just being in environments that are uplifting. If you are on social media, be part of groups that uplift you. Have friends that post positive stuff. I had a friend who was nice normally but on Facebook for whatever reason would always post bad things that her family including parents did to her. Serious drama saying insults and curse words. Then the entire family would join in. It was constant drama. I would read and just be like oh my goodness again, but I didn’t realize that that was also consuming me, eventually I just had to remove her on Facebook. Unfortunately, we all have drama, but you have to be careful not to take on other people’s issues and be focused on you and your goals.
  4. Everyday set something you want to achieve. In a week you will be amazed how many things you would have accomplished. We all set this one goal for the year, but break it down into 12 months, break it down into weeks.
  5. Do not spend time figuring out the how. If you say you are going in this direction, I can honestly tell you the world will shift towards that direction. Some people will tell you to manifest sit down with some candles, do the whole breathe in breathe out. You don’t have to do that, all you need is to convince yourself that you are now going in this direction and all things will fall in place. I remember I was struggling figuring out were to get labels for my business. Guess what I was traveling on holiday. I always make a point to talk to people that I sit next to on a plane. It is beyond uncomfortable sitting next to someone for 14 hours without even knowing whether they can help you in case the plane falls down. I always start a conversation. This time I was talking to this lady and I asked her what she did and it just so happened that she worked for a company that makes labels. The exact labels I wanted for my products. The universe will put people and things that you need to get you where you want to be.
  6. Get rid of negative thoughts. Not just thoughts you create but thoughts that other people and environments create. For example, too much of listening to News will demoralize you. Every time I listen to news in Atlanta, there are several people that got shot. If you came to Atlanta and you watched News you would honestly think you are going to be killed the minute you get out of the house, but that is not the truth. I get out of the house every time. So, you can imagine if you listen and watch News everyday. It is demoralizing. Right after I watch news I watch stand up comedy on Netflix. Choose what thoughts go in your mind.
  7. Track your 2019 goals! Celebrate when you achieve something. If it is a business goal do not go out there and blow it all. Then you are back to square one. What I do sometimes is just a simple acknowledgement to myself. I just tell myself hey I actually did that.
  8. Set high goals do not be afraid of failure. Do not short change yourself by setting goals that you know you can easily achieve. One of my favorite quotes says Aim for the moon you may just land on the stars, by les Brown.
  9. Create Vision Boards. Vision boards are pictures that inspire you to visualize where you are going to be after your accomplish your goals. I remember watching the reality TV Wife Swap seeing this woman who would get her family, husband kids every weekend to go drive in the rich neighborhoods. Though extreme. Listen seeing is believing.
  10. Get a Coach or Mentor. Someone who will give you the steps or at least guide you when you feel you are going off track. Get a mentor someone who has done it before will tell you what mistakes they made.
  11. Think about the emotion you will get as you achieve your goal. This way even if you reach half way and you never get to the finish point you will feel slightly better. You will be able to set more goals without you punishing yourself telling yourself why are you even setting another goal when you never even accomplished the last one. Focus on how did the processing of achieving that goal make you feel.
  12. Be disciplined, write and do. Do not write a whole list of to do’s that never get done. Write and do. Tell yourself the most important action is the doing and not the planning. If you plan make sure it is something with a concrete outcome. I sat down and said I was going to be disciplined and write this blog post and my outcome was to make sure I publish it. I have done that.

I hope these tips are helpful as you set your 2019 goals.

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