How to Start a Natural Hair Blog

I always wanted to Start a Natural Hair Blog but fear of not knowing how to start a blog prevented me from starting. One day I just said, today is the day and I started. Being able to share information and knowledge through blogging has made me a better person. Are you looking to start a hair or beauty blog but don’t know where to begin? I would highly encourage you to jump right in and do it.

The world needs to hear your thoughts, share them by blogging.

Below is a step by step guide on how to start a natural hair and beauty blog.

1.     Choose a Blog/Domain Name

You will first have to narrow your topic. This will help with coming up with a name.  I have so much passion for Natural hair and beauty so I narrowed my niche (topic) to Natural Hair. When I thought about natural hair I thought about growing my hair to waist length. Hence the ‘waist length’ in my blog name. I then thought about my experiences growing my hair, it is almost like a journey. I had to make a decision to stop being on the platform and jump right in the train. Being on this Natural hair train has helped me grow, learn new things, make friends. It is about the life experiences getting somewhere. Hence the word ‘destination’ in the bog name.

You absolutely do not have to overthink. Some of the best blog names are so simple and cute. Do not let this first step destruct you. Just choose something you will end up loving it.

  • Domain =
  • URL =

Unfortunately choosing a blog name is like choosing a baby name. There are just so many options out there. The only difference with the domain name is that with a blog name you can’t use one that is already taken.  Also most domain names you can think of are already taken. You will need to be a little creative and being creative is what will get your blog noticed. You want to be memorable. Memorable does not mean you make up some name that is so hard to pronounce that people easily forget how to type it. Combine words or keywords with other words to make your domain stand out.

2. How to buy a Domain Name

I purchased my domains through Bluehost I highly recommend Bluehost because once you register with them you will automatically be setup with a address. I will explain hosting in the next step.

A domain consists of two parts; the name followed by the extension for example, ‘destinationwaistlength’ is a domain, ‘ dot com’ is the extension.  There are other extentions you can buy like  .info, .org, .net, .us. I would encourage you to buy .com because most people automatically type in .com  after you tell them your domain.

You can buy the domain and host on 

3. Choose a Web Hosting

Once you decide on a domain, you need to decide where to host your domain. Basically a host is a place like your house address where your domain will stay. I would recommend you host with WordPress. Take note that there are 2 WordPress sites.

  1. is where you create a free-hosted blog
  • Your address will be ‘’
  1. is where you create a self-hosted blog.
  • Your address will be ‘’

I highly recommend you get If you follow any influential blogger you will notice they have a self hosted blog. Below are reasons why.

  1. To make money through ads you need a self-hosted blog site.
  2. Also a self hosted blog site just sounds professional.
  3. You will have thousands of layout themes to choose from therefore your site will look so much better.
  4. Brands are more likely to work with you.

When you host with Bluehost you get:

I have hosting with Bluehost because it is simply the best web hosting company.

  • Free domain
  • FREE SSL Included. (When visitors come to your site you want them to know your site is secure. If your site does not have a SSL certificate a popup will show up telling them your site is not secure. Your site will not have the ‘s’ in the link like this https://. Purchasing SSL can be very expensive. The fact that Bluehost offers this for free is a huge bonus.
  •  24/7 Support (I have not used this because it is pretty easy, but its good to have)
  • 1-ClickInsta to WordPress. Literally one click and you are connected to
  • How to start a blog
    How to start a blog


Steps To Start Your Own Blog

1. Go to Bluehost and click on the “Get Started Now” button.

How to start a blog
How to start a blog

2. Choose the package you are interested in.

I have the basic plan which works fine.

How to Start a Blog
How to Start a Blog


3. Sign up for a new domain name.

If you are having a hard time coming up with a domain name. Use the dictionary or use your name.

You can also use these sites to generate blog names.

  1. Nameboy (
  2. Wordoid (

Also make sure the name is available on other sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Once you choose one come back to Bluehost and enter your domain name.

How to Start a Blog
How to Start a Blog


4. Enter your personal and payment information.

Buy Domain and hosting.

How to Start a Blog
How to Start a Blog

Done!!! You are now ready to post and publish your first post.

  1. To Login to your blog. Go to click on login.
How to Start a Blog
How to Start a Blog

You will be brought to this page below. To login in to WordPress, click on WordPress.

How to Start a Blog
How to Start a Blog

You are now ready to write, post and publish. DONE!

How to Start a Blog
How to Start a Blog

That is it you now have a website/blog.

How to start a natural hair beauty blog
How to start a natural hair beauty blog

The design of your page matters a lot but these are changes you can make anytime. Your blog is like your house. Pay attention to your brand colors, fonts, etc.  Appearances in the blog world matter! You can use the free themes

(Design) or you can buy themes on WordPress or other sites like Etsy.

Welcome to the blogging world. I hope this was helpful.  Let me know if you need more help by leaving a comment below.

Also I would forever be grateful (I seriously mean it xoxo) if you share my photos to your social media pages.


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