How to Make More Time in 3 Simple Steps

Perhaps you want to start a natural hair blog or be a beauty entrepreneur but you can’t find time. I totally understand. It just seems like there is never enough time. Especially if you are a mother and have to work and raise kids, but I am going to give you tips on How to Make More Time in 3 Simple Steps.  First you will evaluate how you are spending your current time, then plan out what needs to be done daily, then figure out what is the intention of everything you need done daily basis.

Does your day seem like you are in a board meeting or feels like one of those conversations were it just feels like you are just passing a basketball to each other?  In the end everyone is tired talking with nothing accomplished? The first step in finding time is evaluating how you are spending your current time.

3 steps to find time

Step 1. Evaluate how you are spending your time

How exactly are you spending your time? Are there hours that you are just not utilizing well. For example, I am a mom to 2 kids. The the majority of my work is done at night when my kids are in bed. This is how my schedule is.

We have dinner, give kids a bath, put them to bed and then right after I wash dishes. Around 9pm I start my job. I usually work until 12 at night. I go to bed then wake up at 6am to get my kids ready for school. If anytime I feel sleepy, I listen to my body and I go to bed because earlier because sleep is important.

I know for a fact that the one thing that takes time away for me is TV. You will be amazed at just how many things you can accomplish if you do not watch TV. Research says on average an American will have spent 9 years watching TV. Did you know that. Those hours watching prison break are sliding away in years.  I try to limit watching TV as much as possible. On Fridays I make a point to watch a Movie as a family. If you are like me I would encourage you to maybe choose certain days to watch TV, but do not get home and sit watch TV the whole week and then say I can’t find time. You have time the question is how is it being spent?


Step 2. Everyday write down what you want to do during the day.

Write down what you can do today. Every morning I wake up. I thank God for another day and then I ask myself what I accomplished yesterday in regards to my business or any other goals. Then depending on what I did or did not do yesterday I write it down as my goal for today. This habit of asking yourself what you accomplished yesterday will help you push yourself to achieve more and more each day. There was a time when I just used to spring out of bed and just go about my day, no plan nothing. Until I had children and realized I couldn’t just ride the day like waves and hope I land somewhere.

I remember I just had my first baby. I was in the hospital for a few days because my baby didn’t start breastfeeding immediately. She started breastfeeding then my doctor gave me this checklist to write down the time when the baby drank milk. I also had to write down when she had a diaper change. We went home, 3 months in I was a total mess. I couldn’t manage. I was begging my husband to take the baby the minute he opened that door. I was overwhelmed with talking care of the baby, myself, him. What I didn’t realize is that I had missed an important lesson at the hospital. Yes, that checklist that schedule was my lifeline and sanity. Planning and schedules are your lifeline. Write down what you did yesterday so you will know what needs to happen next. Take a minute to reflect on what you accomplished yesterday and then build on today.

cant find time
cant find time

Step 3. What is the end result or focus on activities that you can start and finish completely

Your agenda for each day should have activities that you can completely finish. Don’t ever wake up saying just another day. Wake up determined that today is not going to be just another day but you will accomplish something. If everything that you did today is half done, most likely you will feel like you did not accomplish much. At the end of the day or the following morning you should be able to say oh wow I completed abc yesterday. Try and plan for activities that have an end result. A simple example is if you plan on washing your hair, the end result is you having clean hair. You have to move from one stage to the next.

The best way to figure out what you are going to accomplish is to work your way backwards. The how is only possible after the what. Say what it is you want accomplished and then you will figure out how to get it done. I love Oprah. I heard that every time Oprah has a meeting she asks these 3 questions? “What is our intention for this meeting? What’s important? What matters?”. So, for everything that you wrote in step 2. Everything that you want to do today ask yourself what is the intention? I am one of those people that can multitask and at the end of the day I have 20 half done jobs. I recently started asking myself of the things I want to do today which things can I start and completely finish. I have started to train myself to be more disciplined to start and finish. The goal is not just to start but rather to also finish. If I have 1 hour and I know what I want to do can’t be fully done in 1 hour I will not do it. I will find another project that I am able to finish in that 1 hour and then find another block of time during the week to finish the other project that will take longer. When you are able to finish projects, you will actually realize that you do have time. If you do this I guarantee you you will be able to accomplish a lot.

How to Make More Time in 3 Simple Steps

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How to Make More Time in 3 Simple Steps

To recap here are the steps to help you find time to achieve whatever goals you have set.

Step 1. Evaluate How you are Spending your time

Step 2. Everyday write down what you want to do during the day.

Step 3. Ask yourself what is the intention of everything you want to do? Can you start and finish.

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