How To Grow Your Natural Hair

What was your 2018 hair goal? What worked or did not work last year?  Are you frustrated that your natural hair did not grow? In this episode I am going to share with you what did not work with me and why I think my hair goal did not work and what I intend to do this year. I also have a free download list of 20 things you can try this year to grow your hair.

For me there is one lesson I learnt last year that I feel will have an impact this year. Overall 2018 was a good year because I decided to be fearless and resolute. I started a podcast which gives me so much joy. Then I started 2 other businesses last year that are also doing well. I want you to listen to my previous episode were I shared several ways you can make money online. There are so many opportunities online if you are a natural hair or beauty blogger, a natural beauty entrepreneur or you just want extra income. Definitely read this post.

Health Comes first

What Happened to My Hair Last Year?

Going back to what lessons I learnt last year? The one thing that did not work out is that I feel my hair did not retain length. The funny thing is that you see how at the beginning of the year everyone puts down what their goals for the new year are on social media. Last year I also told the world that I was going to grow my hair to waist length. Am I disappointed yes, but I don’t think I should just end there and move on to another goal without evaluating what went wrong. I strongly believe every experience has a lesson. On New Years day I sat down and went over what exactly may have contributed to my hair not growing and how I can use these lessons moving forward in 2019.

My major issue for me last year was my overall wellness. Let me tell you this story. I work at my sons school part time so they had a Christmas party. Here I was the night before getting clothes ready for the following morning. None of my red clothes fit. Literally, I could not squeeze into a dress that I wore 12 months ago. Can’t zip can’t button. I don’t know why I was even surprised. Honestly when I look back last year I hardly went to to the gym, I ate unhealthy food like bread. I was mentally drained early last year trying to figure my place in this world. As a result, I found myself eating and not paying attention to what I was eating. Half the time I hardly drank any water.

So, when I think about my hair goals. I am a little bit disappointed but there is absolutely no way was my hair going to retain length or grow with me eating unhealthy food. Overall eating healthy food contributes to how healthy your hair is. Just like it is important to atleast have:

How to Grow Natural Hair Tips
How to Grow Natural Hair Tips
  1. A weekly plan
  2. Try to use sulfate free shampoo.
  3. Do low manipulation styles.

It all adds up.

As usual I have put together a free download below. An entire list of 20 tips you can do to grow your natural hair. You will get the download in your mailbox immediately after submitting your email.


This year when I think about my hair goals, my overall health is number one.

I hope this was super helpful. What are your hair goals for 2019?

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