How to Choose Products for Natural Hair

I always get my girlfriends asking me how to choose products for natural hair? Let me go over the 3 most important factors I look for when buying natural hair products. These are ingredients, reviews and cost.

I remember one time I was twisting my hair and before I knew it the bottle was empty. For one twist out! It was time to go shopping again. The worst thing is when I just do a twist out then end up at the gym or go swimming, or it is humid or just rainy. You put so much product for it to just be washed off.

So yesterday I finished all my products and went shopping at Target my favorite store. Tip #1 don’t go shopping the minute a product finishes, substitute products. If my store-bought conditioner finishes before my shampoo I will make and use egg, yogurt conditioner, whatever is in the house. So, I am not constantly going to the store every minute. If you can go to the store for one item without buying extra stuff all the power to you. This girl here, goes to the store for mascara and comes back with lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. So, I tell myself I am going just one time to buy beauty products and that is at the end of the month. 1 trip is better than several trips a month.

How to Buy Natural hair products
How to Buy Natural hair products

I went shopping in this video ‘Natural hair Product Haul‘. I bought Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Repair Conditioner, Loreal Ever Pure Shampoo, Beauty and Planet Conditioner, Eco Styler Gel and some Bobby pins. I keep losing those Bobby pins! The big question is how did I choose these products?  

What Am I looking For When I buy Natural Products?

Here are my 3 most important factors I use to buy products.

  1. Natural Hair Product Ingredients

I stay away from Parabens. I have had people very close to me die from cancer. If the reports say these chemicals cause cancer. That is advice we all should take seriously by minimizing exposure to such chemicals. My first requirement for any product is that it has natural ingredients like water or essential oils.

Avoid products that contain the following ingredients.

Parabens, Formaldehyde, Soduim Lauryl Sulfate, Polysorbate80, Dimethicone, Cetearyl Methicone, Amoodimethicone, Dimenthiconol, Cetyl Dimethicone, Stearyl Dimethicone, Quatrum, Cyclomethicone

  1. Review What Other People Have Said About a Natural Hair Product.

My husband, my dear husband will not buy anything without reading some review. I used to just go buy stuff because it was pretty. The bottle looks nice. Is the shampoo bottle color going to match my shower curtains? I know I am not the only one crazy one like this. But I have since changed. I was never into reviews but I think I have become like my husband. We have a subscription to Consumer Report. Consumer Report is for the die-hard buyers. They review every product, pros and cons and I can honestly say though that there is nothing I have ever bought that was not correctly reviewed. It is worth it.

When it comes to natural hair products you do not have to do consumer report, you can go on youtube, google search reviews. There are so many hair bloggers doing natural hair reviews. And sometimes you just have to approach someone and ask. I was buying perfume one day at Macys when this gentleman was just confused approached me to ask what perfume to buy his wife. I don’t know if it was a pickup line but hey, the point is ask a human being. If you are at the store and you see someone buying hair products and they look like they know what they are doing. Ask them.

The only problem here too is that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another person. But this is the thing you have to do your homework. This is were the majority of us naturals fail. We do not know our hair type. Does your hair lack moisture, does it need protein, etc.

Some months ago I was getting ready to make rice water because I hear it will make my hair grow, but I had to stop because this is not a product you use if you do not know your hair type. It can give you too much protein which will end up over drying your hair. In the end you get breakage.

Basically, your first homework before buying products is for you to know your hair type. The science behind hair matters a lot.

  1. How Much Does the Natural Hair Products Cost

Prices for natural hair have a wide range. There are some that are cheap and some that are super expensive.  If I am going to use a product that costs over $20 I honestly expect some overnight miracles like me waking up to waist length hair, but off course that is not going to happen. A product like this is one were you will have done your homework as I explained above. You know your hair type and you can actually confirm that what your hair needs is what this product provides. You seriously don’t want to be doing a trial & error on an expensive hair product.

I only go to the stores to buy once I have looked at prices on Amazon, because there are so many sellers on amazon the prices tend to be cheaper.  I will have an idea on how much a certain brand of conditioner costs on Amazon then compare with the prices in the store

If you need a few Natural hair money saving tips you can check this post.

Next time you are about to go natural hair product shopping pay attention to ingredients, reviews and cost.

I hope these are helpful let me know in the comments below.


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