How to Restore Hope

I have spent the last few weeks worried about the pandemic. Initially like everyone else I thought there would be a solution soon. It did not take long for me to feel the weight of this hopeless situation on my shoulders. I lost hope and motivation to uncertainty. How do you restore hope when faced with with a problem bigger than you.

Dealing with Anxiety

I spent the last few weeks calling my elderly parents to verify that they are protecting themselves. I asked them if they were distancing themselves, if they were using hand sanitizer. Even though I know they are protecting themselves. A big part of me wishes I could just put a bandaid to fix this pandemic. I am the sort of person who wants everything to be alright immediately. Not knowing what will happen makes me worry. If my child fell I am the first to go run for a bandaid and then after I say how did you fall. There are other people like my husband who will want to first figure out how he fell. The quicker the problem is fixed the less anxious I am. Wish I could pull out a bandaid and fix everything so we are all back to normal.

Initially I was fine spending every free time on my phone reading about new cases, looking at global graphs tracking how many cases are in different countries. Talking and chatting with family and friends about the pandemic. Doing google searches on what to take to boost my immunity. Reading up on how the virus started and who started it. Week to week it started to feel like this information was a stack of books in my mind. Everyday there is just more and more information. Unfortunately if you ever put a stark of books together eventually they all come tumbling down. 

Just like that I lost hope and my anxiety kicked in. Have you ever watched a movie where everyone runs but one person decides they cannot run but just crawl into a ball of fear. When everyone else is there begging them to get up and run. Usually I am the one watching and shouting at the person to just get up. I had to ask myself if I was going to be that person who loses hope or would I be the person who stands up ready to fight.

Living with Uncertainty

It is so important that you get up and face your fear. Yes there is more fear now but everyday before the pandemic we lived with uncertainty. Before the pandemic, everyday we walked out our homes we were not guaranteed an extra day, hour, minute or second, but guess what we still lived. 

The only difference is that a month ago you did what you just needed to do. You faced uncertainty everyday but it did not stop you from living life. You lived with faith and hope that things would work out.

You lived with hope that you would have another minute.

Restoring Hope

Find time to restore faith and hope that everything will work out. Your health and mindset now is very important. Find time to calm your mind. 

Below are a few things I have been doing to help my mind calm down. Taking even just a few minutes has made such a difference. A week ago I was literary having panic attacks. Every time I am doing one of these activities I remind myself to breathe. You can also do to these to put your mind at ease.


Yoga or pray

Look at photos of events that you remember fondly

Play happy music

Sing or dance

Spend time in a garden

Drink some coffee/wine/water

Read a book

Look Out The Window 



Listen to birds, watch the clouds

Watch a funny Movie or tv

Organize pantry, drawers

These are uncertain times but remain hopeful and breathe. Do not lose your hope and motivation.

How do you restore hope when faced with with a problem bigger than you?

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