Christmas Gift To Give Someone with Natural Hair

What Christmas gift do you give to someone with Natural hair? Would you be happy if you got a natural hair gift box? I know I would, but gift giving can be so hard if you don’t know what to give. Do people around you struggle getting you gifts? In this post I will give you two tips to give someone with natural hair.

I have to say the most beautiful time of the year is Christmas. I really do not care about the lines or the parking spot fights. There is something about the holiday season, but for the longest time I struggled with one aspect of this holiday. That is buying gifts. I used to struggle figuring out what to get my husband. I didn’t want to buy him the same gift as last year, or a cheap gift that looked like I never made any effort. There were too many criteria to think about. Eventually I started buying him products that I thought men needed to have. It was easy to go to the store buy something like a shaving set or a leather wallet simply because it was in the men’s shopping section. It took me forever to realize I was not paying attention to his exact needs for a Christmas gift.

Do people around you struggle getting you gifts?

I remember one time I went on Pinterest because don’t we all go on Pinterest for Christmas gifts for her/him. One of the Christmas gift ideas for him on Pinterest was that I could buy 12 items and put them in a decorated box to show that I appreciate everything he did for me in the past 12 months. So I bought something he could use in his office, something he could use to fix something in the house, some fancy wine, some shower gel that smelled really masculine. I was so proud of this box, I thought this was the ultimate gift box, but guess what for almost 12 months that shower gel was in our bathroom unused. Every so often I was checking it to if he used it. Pure paranoid behavior, we all do it. I was disappointed. The truth though is I did the same thing too though, for the longest time every Christmas he got me some fancy earrings to go to some ballroom type of event, but guess what we hardly went out. So guess what his earring gifts for me were not being used.

Thinking of a Christmas gift for her.

The major problem is we don’t pay much attention to figure out what someone really needs. I prefer practical gifts, not a vacuum cleaner practical but a gift that is beautiful and practical. How many of us want flowers, yes they are beautiful but do we really need them. Nope. I have this all gift giving figured out now.

If you want to know what gift to buy someone here are two things you can do.
Two important factors to consider when you are thinking of a Christmas gift for her.

1. Pay attention to how someone spends their free time.
If you want to know someone pay attention to how they spend their free time. If I am spending hours editing a YouTube video in my spare time, that means I have a passion for what I am doing. Do you spend time doing something you hate, probably not.

2. Ask your significant other what they want.

Do not complicate gift giving. There is a reason why kids get very happy during Christmas. They know exactly what they are getting. My husband and I a few years back came to a conclusion that we each tell the other what we want. We both now enjoy Christmas.

Best Christmas gifts for a woman who has natural hair

So I have put together a list of beautiful items your husband, boyfriend, uncle, father, brother can buy for you. Ideally if you are spending hours on a Sunday conditioning, de-tangling, twisting your hair your significant other ought to know that if they buy that Egyptian 24 Karat Gold Twisting Gel  you will be more than overjoyed. But let’s face it some men need help. Tell them exactly what you want. As usual I am here to simply your natural hair life so I have put together a list of beautiful products that every girl with natural hair will love.

If your man does not like lines, give him this list of Amazon gifts let your gifts come straight for someone with natural hair

Best Christmas gifts for her Amazon below $10

  1. Evolve Exotics Satin Sunset Bonnet• $3.49
  2. Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz • $8.50

Best Christmas gifts for her Amazon above $10

  1. Denman Heavyweight 9 Row Styling Brush D5 • $17.72
  2. Natural Hair Tshirt • $16.99
  3. PuffCuff Original 5″• $15.99
  4. Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner 16 oz• $12.67

Best Christmas gifts for her Amazon above $20

  1. Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Jumbo Combo (Hair Lotion, Curl Cream, Shine Mist, Coconut Creme, Twist Gel, Deep Treatment) • $59.99
  2. 10inch Clip In Human Hair Extensions Brazilian Virgin Hair Afro Kinky Curly Clip in Hair Extensions Natural 4B 4C Kinky Curly Clip Ins 7pcs/lot,120gram/set • $43.34
  3. HAIRFLUENCE – Hair Growth Formula For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair • $21.99
  4. Graphic Tee Shirts • $30

Share the links with people that buy you gifts.
I love Christmas, I hope you all are enjoying this holiday. Happy Holidays.

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