3 Reasons Why You Should Not Feel Bad If You Are You A Lazy Natural

Are you sleeping or doing your hair? This was definitely not the first time my husband asked me this. Like so many times before, I have found myself so tired to do my natural hair. I wake up the following day and pull my hair in a puff because it is so easy. I am the true definition of a lazy natural, because other than me being tired. I have more days were I just can’t be bothered with my hair. Are you also a lazy natural? Here are 3 Reasons why you should not feel bad if you are you a lazy natural.

I am going to give you permission to be proud of your natural hair regardless of what you do with it. It is okay if you are not spending hours and hours doing your hair. It is okay if you are always in puffs, or you cut your hair bold or you did locs because it is easy. It is perfectly okay if you are always in protective styles and wigs. It is perfectly okay to want a simple life.

natural hair blog
natural hair blog

I have a YouTube channel called simplymunya for natural hair. When I first started my YouTube channel, I saw other Youtubers make 4 videos every week. So I thought that’s what I needed to do if I wanted to grow my YouTube channel. As a result, I found myself styling my hair maybe 3 times a week for the videos. Times when I didn’t have a good hairstyle for my video I panicked and went out of my way to do anything even when it didn’t make any sense. You can just imagine how tired and stressed out I was. At the same time, I was wondering why my hair was not growing. The truth is my hair was breaking from all that manipulation. I would stretch my hair Monday, Tuesday I would twist it, then Wednesday I would do crochet braids. It was totally ridiculous. Here I was trying to grow my YouTube channel at the same time I was doing more damage to my hair. I felt so guilty and bad that if my channel did not grow it was because I was being lazy. This is further from the truth.

I have 3 reasons why you may be feeling guilty for not spending hours and hours on your hair and why you may be labeling yourself as being lazy when you should not.

Why you are making being Natural hard?

  1. You base decisions on incomplete information.

There are too many people complicating growing natural hair and too many of us want it to be complicated. We fall for the videos where someone is showing us a wash day that involves putting 20 products on our hair. You absolutely do not need 20 products on your hair. You know your hair and definitely follow what makes sense.

  1. You compare yourself with others.

I am so guilty of this because I do have a Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel. It is so easy to see other naturals and think that is how their hair is 24/7. The day your hair does not look all that, you look on Instagram and you think why does my hair look like this I am being lazy. Do not compare yourself with others. This journey is for you.

  1. You lose your focus

There will always be a new product to try and new hairstyles to try. If you wear a puff every day, be proud of your puff.  If you wear a wig 6 months out of the year, be proud. Do not lose your focus. Stay in

Natural hard is hard
Natural hard is hard

your lane and be happy.

I remember one day I watched video after video hoping to find the secret to long hair or just healthy hair on YouTube. I was so disappointed to hear that almost all women with long natural hair said leave your hair alone and leave your hair in a protective style. That was definitely not the answer I was expecting because how can something that so many of us say is complicated have such an easy answer.

Being a lazy natural is actually good for you. You will see better results with your hair if you leave your hair alone. You do not have to be manipulating your hair every night. You do not have to have a twist out today, a puff tomorrow, cornrows the following day. Your natural hair does not have to look like it was styled by God himself every single day. You do not have to complicate being natural.

Remember you did the one and only thing expected of any natural hair person. That is, you stopped putting relaxers. You deserve a standing ovation for just that alone. Remember “Keep it simple,”

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